How To Balance Work, Life and Play As A University Student

Many if not all students encounter the pressure of finishing coursework, paying school fee and striving to maximize their university experience.

Striking a healthy balance between work, schoolwork and having a social life is a tedious task but it can be done through many ways. Students that maintain a balanced schedule are highly thought of to be organized and as such, live stress-free lives.

Frankly speaking, there are measures that can be taken by students to ensure they feel like humans even during the time when they are stressed out.

Below are steps students can take in a bid to attain and maintain a healthy balance throughout their university life:


Always Update Your Schedule

Keeping an updated schedule is a very good way of making use of your phone's calendar app. Always make effort to include your class plan for the whole semester and add any due dates for all your assignments. Furthermore, you need to devote time every week to focus on things like homework, cleaning, family and other things.

Assuming you work in retail unit and your schedule is such that you move from one area to another every week, you will have a great difficulty sticking with plans. While under this condition, you must endeavor to draw your schedule each time you discover your weekly work schedule.

Do Not Procrastinate

Through procrastination, your to-do list multiplies and degenerate into an insurmountable amount of workload. Once your tasks pile up, it becomes harder to motivate and put yourself together to start.

In order for a student to fight procrastination, he or she must get ahead on planning, readings, term papers and other tasks he or she is facing. Getting ahead also gives students more time in the future to hang out and relax with friends.

Get Enough Rest

More often than not, students hear about the advantages of getting enough rest which include but not limited to maintaining a potent immune system and ameliorating our moods. It is shocking to know that a lot of students have failed to get enough rest. Sometimes students get so occupied with work to the extent that the high volume of stress and huge workload keep them from getting enough rest. As a student, If you take time to work on the quality of your sleep, your level of will reduce and this will lead to a situation where you are able to think straight and make less mistakes in your pursuit of academic excellence.

Get Your Work Priorities Right

Balancing work, life and play as a student requires you to organize your work in a purposeful way so as to be on a safe side when papers, projects, and other work programmes are due. Constant academic events like homework and studying are very easy to plan ahead of time but in some cases, you tend to miss papers and projects deadlines.

Always ensure to examine your syllabus to discover the different weight attached to each assignment.

Prioritizing assignments will afford you the allowance to pay attention to what is considered most important first while subsequently treating less trivial assignments.

Getting to know you are done with a major project and you do not need to worry about the project any longer makes you live a more balanced life.

Set Time for Yourself

Setting time for yourself may mean spending quality time with your friends, visiting your family members or setting aside a moment of relaxation for yourself. To maintain a healthy balance between work, life and play as a student, it is paramount to set aside some time to spend away from school. As soon as you have finished you important academic tasks, devote time for relaxation. This will enable you to rest your brain and stay refreshed.


4 Skills Every High School Student Needs to Succeed!

Tuty: Find Tutors for University & School! 

Congratulations on joining high school! You are now at your gateway to the adult world. This is where you learn to take full responsibility for your actions and bear the consequences of the decisions you make. Perhaps for the first time, you will be asked to work independently. With all these pressures coming your way, it is high time you get equipped more on how to deal with the challenges and demands of high school. In this article, we discuss four important skills you need to develop to excel in your academic life.

1.    Learn to listen

Successful high school students develop their listening skills. Many high school students perform poorly in their examinations by simply not following instructions, omitting crucial sections of their assignments or even losing easy points on a simple step.

Become an active learner and pay attention to the speaker. Avoid distractions of phones, television or even noise from outside. Whenever you are having a conversation with your instructor, respond to them using body language to show them you are listening to them. Ultimately, your ability to focus will pay off.

2.    Be organized

Organized people are not born organized people. They endeavor to cultivate healthy habits which eventually help them to stay organized. As a high school student, you need to know what’s on your plate and what’s coming. If you are naturally organized, you are way ahead of the game. If you are still facing challenges here and there well, there’s still time.

Take full advantage of the technology to advance your organization skills by finding a planning app to keep your schedule straight. Schedule your study time, recreation and travel time. Make a to-do list and stick to it. Have a time-table that guides you on what subjects to study during a specific time. In whatever you do find a system that best works for you.

3.    Have an Open Mind

This is the time to learn new and exciting things. Keeping an open mind will expose you to opportunities that can lead to even bigger and better things. Have an open mind on the learning process. Discuss opportunities after high school with your parents and tutors. This can best be achieved if you maintain open lines of communication with your parents and tutors. Make sure everyone is on board. In whatever you do, always have an open mind. A closed mind won’t get you far.

4.    Learn More about yourself

It is at this stage you need to know that no one student is like the other. Students learn differently, and this usually changes throughout one's academic career. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. This is where your parents and tutors come in. In most cases, your parents/ tutors can help you unravel a hidden strength in you. Similarly, they can help you to improve on your weaknesses.

When you learn to listen to your parents and tutors with an open mind, you will ultimately excel in your academic career. Guardians and teachers need to pay close attention to students to help them bring out the best out of them. Whenever learning becomes a team effort, both students and their families will benefit.  

Time to Hire a Tutor Again?

Is It Time For a Tutor? Hire a tutor on Tuty today

The purpose of tutoring is to develop a good relationship between the student and the tutor. An excellent tutor is passionate about delivering the results by taking the keen interest in the student’s performance. Moreover, they do so to help the students attain the highest grade possible. With the advent of the internet, online tutoring platforms are on the rise. This concept exposes the student to an array of skills from across the globe. Online tutoring is a convenient educational option for your child and is flexible and affordable as compared to physical tutors. No child learns the same way. Therefore, you should look for a tutor with experience and ready to cope with the learning style of the kid. 

About Tuty

Tuty is an online private tutoring marketplace, where parents, students and tutors interact. Tuty provides the highest level of online tutoring services as efficiently as possible with expert tutors. Once you sign up as a student, you will be matched to the tutors with skills that you need. Once they find a tutor, they can schedule a lesson and communicate seamlessly. It is simple, convenient, flexible and efficient as long as the students choose the best tutors. Here are some of the key features:

Virtual classrooms

Tuty prides in a virtual class where students and tutors can interact, communicate view discussions and engage with learning resources at the comfort of their home through an online system. There are excellent and affordable online tutors with the thorough knowledge of curriculum for Australian states. Therefore, you can access the tutoring services without having to worry about geographical barriers.

Available on a 24/7 basis

One of the most critical features of online tutoring platform is the availability of the tutor on a 24-hour basis to get homework assistance. The student can complement what they learnt in school at any time of the day, wherever they may be. Tuty gives a seamless communication platform among the students, tutors and parents. There are some options to contact tutors, customer care staff through the email, live chat and mobile phone.

Flexible Pricing options

The cost of education can sometimes be high and drain on the extra budget. Luckily, the price of tutoring facilities is reasonable and affordable. The rates per hour vary depending on the subject area. Neither are they so high to deter the clients from taking up services, nor are cheap such that they compromise on the quality. The online tutoring services at Tuty balance quality and cost to encourage the students to take up services. The site has a secure payment system, such as credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, that is entirely automated for ease of use and convenience.

Highly skilled tutors

To an academician, the level of skill of the tutor is an important consideration. It is vital that the tutors have a thorough understanding of the theoretical and logic behind concepts. Thus, they can impart the knowledge to the students while taking care of their long-term educational needs. Tuty requires all tutors to be certified to guarantee the quality of the services. A tutor can pin together the specific need of the child and pinpoint the weak areas. Also, apply methods and strategies to address learning problems and understand learning behaviour. When all tutors are sufficiency skilled, you can be assured that hiring them for a lecture, tests, and homework has value for money.

One –stop- shop for tutoring is a one-stop shop for online tutoring services, where you can get academic and professional tutoring. Tuty covers all subject areas including tutor for university, scholarships, music, high school and primary, music, personal trainers, digital marketing, language among many others. That makes it suitable for categories of people from students to trainers.

Concisely, getting an excellent online tutoring service entails a lot of careful research. There is the need to research the available options. It is wise to compare the different sites and also look at pros and cons before you settle on one. gives a platform where you can sit back, relax and enjoy best tutoring services. That is the reason why it is preferred as a top-notch tutoring site all over Australia. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient tutoring platform, do not hesitate to visit the website.


6 Study habits of Highly Effective Students

You want to shine in academics. You want to attain quality degrees and diplomas and emerge top student in your class. To fly high with who is who in the academic world, you need to develop the character of a highly effective student. The strategy to attaining high levels of academic excellence is adopting a study smarter attitude as opposed to studying harder. While studying one or two hours was sufficient in your early years of schooling, they are not enough hours to sufficiently complete your studies especially as you advance in your education. This is where studying smarter comes in. In this article, we delve into the top 6 study habits adopted by highly successful students.

1.    Have a plan of when you're going to study

Resist sporadic and whimsical study habits. Successful students develop and stick to study schedules outlining precise day and hour when they are going to study throughout the week. It is true some students breeze through school with little effort; this is an exception. The vast majority of the crème de la crème scholars achieve their success by developing and sticking to well-defined study schedules. Create a daily routine. Set aside two or three days or hours to evaluate your subjects. Doing so will help cultivate practices that will empower you to do well in your schooling in the long term.

2.    Be Consistent with your study time

Nothing beats consistency. It is not only important to develop an excellent study schedule, but also essential to develop a steady daily learning routine. Study around the same hour every day. By doing so, you will condition your body to be emotionally and mentally alert for each lesson. This way, you will find your study sessions will be productive. It is okay to be flexible to accommodate unexpected events, but be sure to resume your weekly routine whenever the event is over 

3.    Don't attempt to cram all your studying into one session

Avoid overworking your brain by spacing your work over shorter periods of studying. Ever found yourself up late at night struggling to keep your eyelids wide open? You expended more energy staying awake than you were studying. Successful students have regular yet shorter, study periods

4.    Have a specific goal for each study time

Have a specific objective for each study session. It is not useful to merely study without direction. Write down your goal for each session and endeavor to accomplish it. Small goals distributed across many study sessions will eventually support your overall academic goals

5.    Ensure you're free from any distractions while studying

Distractions are all around us. Maybe it’s your phone or that weekly show on the Television, or perhaps the room is too quiet. Everyone gets distracted by something. Distractions make us be unable sustain the train of thought and fail to focus.  For effective studying, always choose a place you won’t be disturbed. It could be the quiet cubicle in the library or an open area where there are some background activities.

6.    Start with the most challenging subject first

When you have attained all the requirements mentioned above, it is now time to get into the actual studying. The rule of the thumb is to always start with the most difficult subject. The reasoning behind this is that you’ll require the most effort and mental energy while studying your most challenging assignment. More straightforward topics will be easier to handle once you have completed the challenging work.

5 Superfoods for a Super Brain

The brain, probably the most complex organs in most moving living creature on earth. We Homo Sapiens, in particular, like to make things a little more complicated.  Despite the innate ability of the human brain to control the body and process any exterior stimulus and take countermeasure upon it like other animals. Our brain uses a huge amount of energy (nutrients) to deal with our mood swings, exams and is accountable for making some of the smartest and dumbest decision in life. Therefore, we will be exploring some of the ‘Super’ food that has claimed to be beneficial for the brain.

1. Salmon (wild or farmed)

Salmon, Not your ordinary fish is actually a superfood that is packed with protein and Omega-3 fatty acid. The human body is incapable of producing a sustainable amount of DHA, therefore are obtained mostly from food. Omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA which are abundant in salmon, are a staple for normal brain function and enhance the plasticity of the synapses between brain cells. Dietary deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids has been associated with impaired-learning and a few mental disorders. 

2.Walnuts: Going Nuts

Looks familiar to you? This weird-brain-alike-nuts is the next superfood on the list. Walnut is listed as a healthy superfood because it was proven to be brain food and regulates blood pressure. Similarly, it contains a high concentration of DHA that enhance brain performances. Moreover, this all-time favourite consists an abundance of antioxidants and healthy polyunsaturated fat that normalised blood pressure and other cardiovascular benefits.

Making it a go-to snack option for most people and vegans too (we got you).   


3. Eggs

The next on the list, we have EGGS. Cheap, accessible from your local grocery store. This easily prepared delicacy are loaded with essential nutrients, fatty acids and proteins. Choline can be found in abundance in Eggs, which plays a role in maintaining brain function in adults. Most people are not getting the recommended amount of choline every day. Choline is used to support the structure of cell membrane, serves as one of the key ingredients in the synthesis of acetylcholine (Neurotransmitter) that allow nerve cells to communicate.

4. Avocado

It’s oily, It’s a fatty fruit and yes is good for you. Avocados commonly found used in cooking, breakfast spreads or consumed by itself, is a super fruit that is rich in monosaturated fat and Vitamin K. These play a vital role in decreasing bad cholesterol, hence reducing the risk of blood vessels hardening. Healthy blood vessels reduce the risk of plaque formed thus reduces the risk of stroke. Healthy blood vessels also ensure nutrients and waste are transported to and from the brain accordingly. In addition, Folate (Vitamin B9) that are found in Avocados, is important for the maintenance of cognitive functions.


5. Blueberry

Last on our list today, blueberries. One study showed that blueberry beverages consumed by a group of volunteers showed an increase in a particular biomarker that plays a role in learning and memory. The group that had the real blueberries performed better in a control test 5 hours after the drink. The other group of volunteer that received placebo beverages, performed significantly worse and showed sign of anxiety and stress.

Eat well, study hard, kick-ass. 

The Ultimate Reasons You Should Hire a Tutor on Tuty

The Ultimate 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Tutor on Tuty Today 

Going to school with other children is perhaps the easiest way to educate a child in today's busy society. This option is perfectly convenient for families, especially since a growing number of households may need both parents to work to supplement their incomes or they may have other responsibilities that can get in the way of effective home-schooling.


Sending a child to school does offer many benefits; for instance, it gives children the chance to practice their social skills, and at the same time it also helps teach them about rules in society and the importance of abiding by these.

However, sending a child to school may have a few drawbacks, and one of these is that it doesn't address each child's unique learning styles. For cases such as these, it may be necessary to hire a tutor to supplement the child's educational training.

There are many reasons why hiring home tutors is beneficial for a young learner. The first among these is fewer distractions. In your home, you can easily control the environment to make it more conducive to learning: you can turn off the television and the computer, set a strict schedule and even design lessons with your tutor to complement your child's unique learning style. Let’s now check examine the reasons as to why you should high a Tuty tutor to serve you or your kid.

The Ultimate 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Tutor on Tuty Today:

1. Tuty tutors are verified and approved. They are finally vetted for quality prior to getting shortlisted for the job. As a result of this scrutiny, Tuty ends up having the best super-quality tutors who are highly efficient and effective in their delivery. They are also highly recognized for their professionalism and great dedication.

2. At tuty, there are rewards for every achievement made. For instance, the students are awarded tuty points each and every time they make a booking. The reward is a discount on their following lesson! On the other hand, tutors are awarded tuty points for every lesson they accept. They get extra cash for this. For anyone who manages to invite a friend to sign-up as either a Tutor or a Student, they get a reward of $10. As a result, the system turns out to be super active in all sectors. 

3. Talking of Community development, these tutors connect the student community in an outstanding and a very special way. They develop high-quality job vacancies and foster education accessibility. 

4. They are also very flexible and can work as per your schedule depending on your free times. This is a supreme advantage since you are not tired up and deviated from your day.

5. Tuty tutors are also prominent for powerful customer services. They are highly trained on how to handle all clients with diligence, respect and charismatic regardless of their state of moods and feelings. As a result, they make it easy and simple to keep the track the learners’ academic progress with their parents or pass any updates. 

The Benefits of Tuty to Their Students:

1. 1-to-1 learning is the best way to improve and succeed.
2. Get the help you need at the most convenient price!
3. Enjoy our amazing online classrooms. Learn wherever you like!
4. Booking requests must be accepted within 48 hours.
5. All of our tutors/experts go through a KYC and approval process.
6. Recieve feedback from tutors after every lesson!



Tuty is amazingly making it very easy and simple to learn whatever you wish! All you need to do is to schedule a lesson with any tutor who in this service of offering online lessons and learn through an interactive whiteboard with audio and a live video.
When students are struggling and without the adequate individual attention, they can become disengaged. For more information regarding this service, you may visit

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Why Parents Should Look to Hire a Tutor on Tuty

For a long time now, going to school with other children has been the easiest and probably the most convenient way to educate a child. And more so in the wake of everyone’s busy schedules which leave barely any time for one to have it any other way. And quite frankly, it hasn’t been all bad at all. On the contrary, there are a number of benefits that school going children have garnered along the way including getting a chance and a platform to put their social skills into practice and at the same time getting an opportunity to learn all there is to know about the various rules that exist in a societal setting and the importance of abiding by the rules.

Nonetheless, just as with any other thing in the world, school going also comes packed with its fair share of drawbacks. One of the most integral being the fact that it doesn’t really get to the core of each child’s unique learning style at all. Not to mention, not all children are alike and hence some may need some sort of professional intervention to be able to get to that peak performance that we all so desire - especially in the demanding VCE and IB (International Baccalaureate ) years.

The truth is there are a number of reasons why hiring a tutor can be beneficial for your child and be a supplement to school going. For instance, we cannot overstress the point that it is a distraction-free environment and hence allows for maximum concentration and focus which is very integral when it comes to academic excellence. What’s more, a tutor can be able to come up with a unique plan that compliments with your child’s unique learning style as opposed to a school setting where chances of concentrating on one child are significantly slim as it is. In this article, we are going to explore some of the many reasons why you should definitely hire a tutor on Tuty.

  • Tutors at Tuty are generally very flexible as it is. This means that they can work around your schedule depending on which times your child is free. And you’ll agree with me that this is a very important advantage because then it unchains you from having to be tied up to a certain schedule.

  • Tuty tutors have excellent customer services. Unlike with other tutors, tuty has dedicated it’s time to ensuring that over and above exemplary results and performance they also interact with customers with utmost respect and consideration. Because to them, it is much more than just the grades and the performance, it’s about the impression they leave and the relationship that they have in future with their clients.

  • Tuty tutors are verified and approved. When it comes to your child and their academic success Tuty tutors are well aware that you would want nothing less of an impeccable and outstanding service. That is why all the tutors at Tuty are all vetted for quality before they get shortlisted for the job. And as a result, Tuty ends up getting highly qualified and super efficient tutors that are highly recognized for their dedication and professionalism globally.


Admittedly, it not always easy to identify when your child may need professional intervention to help with their academic problems. On the contrary, it’s quite hard. And while slipping grades are probably the most glaring indicators that something's definitely wrong, there are other lesser-known signals that if not kept a close watch on could come in the way of your child’s academic success. Fortunately, whenever you do feel like your child needs help, there are literally a plethora of skilled tutors that are capable of providing the kind of support your child needs. And Tuty has made it even simpler for students to learn whatever it is that they need to learn over the years. 


7 Study Hacks that actually work!

Welcome to final showdown of the week, is the time of the semester where we are overwhelmed and tired, and that’s why Tuty’s digests is here to help. Here are some of the study tips that works for me.

1. Organizing your study (come up with a study plan)

Plan as early possible and ahead, but if you started your revision a week or a night before the paper. I presume time really is a luxury to you, but it is still essential to come up with a quick study plan that’s spot on. The fastest way of putting up a study plan together would be to organized according to your subjects/units and setting your priorities on topics you are unfamiliar with. If you are a heavy procrastinator like me who enjoys keeping to the last minute, you will have to prioritize on important topics to revise on.


2. Is okay to procrastinate SOMETIMES (Do that on your own risk, you have been warned)

Most of our college and university students are plagued with procrastination problem. Psychologist Adam Grant from Wharton school of Business University Pennsylvania suggested that the the most creative people are usually procrastinators. Moderate amount of procrastinating provide enough time to incubate our thoughts and be creative, but essentially get things or work done on time. One way I did when I am writing was I will put in all my ideas and content, and leave it for a week before coming back to finish it up. And every time I review my draft after a week, I am surprise how bad of a writer I was.  


3. Get help

Remember you are not alone in this, so don’t do this alone if you really need help. Pick up a Tutor or an online tutor to help you with your revision, one of the perk of having someone to help with your study is that they are familiar with  the nature of your exam. They know the technique of answering and they have aced the subject/units before.


There are heaps of platform online that offer tutoring service, such as Tuty, Gumtree, Udemy or your university marketplaces. Tutors come in different price ranges and are usually pay on an hourly rate basis. 

Here is a Promo code for Tuty: EXAMS10



4.Grab a study mate

As mentioned previously, don’t do this alone.  We humans are social creatures, we learn from others by interaction, exchanging thoughts and idea. Just make sure you guys are not spending too much time talking than studying, KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN and STAY ON COURSE GUYS!  


5. Stay hydrated

60% of our body comprised of H2O (Water), essentially our organs all require function enough water (Blood plasma) for waste removals and nutrients transportation. One study published in British Journal of Nutrition even showed that mild dehydration would deteriorate our brain performance and increase fatigue ness and anxiety (1).

The recommended water intake daily:

  • About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men

  • About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

If you are reading this, please Pause and have a drink.


6. Well Rested

To those pulling an all-nighters, here is one trick you might consider trying. Polyphasic sleep or segmented sleep refers to dividing our usual nocturnal  sleep into a few segment of short naps, is normal amongst animal and is thought to be ancestral to mammals. This allow an individual to rest and grind through the exam period and is commonly used by the US military, however the best rest you can get would probably still getting 8 hours of sleep prior to your exam.   


7. Practice makes perfect (Quiz yourself)

Practice, practice and practice. Time yourself and test your understanding on topics. Period




1. Ganio, M., Armstrong, L., Casa, D., McDermott, B., Lee, E., Yamamoto, L., Marzano, S., Lopez, R., Jimenez, L., Le Bellego, L., Chevillotte, E. and Lieberman, H. (2011). Mild dehydration impairs cognitive performance and mood of men. British Journal of Nutrition, 106(10), pp.1535-1543.